Protectores/compresores de Programas

Cuando se trata de packers, protectores, crypter el listado es grande, intentaré ver que tanto llego, dejaré en negritas algunos que revisaré por hoy:

  1. ACProtect
  3. Again Nativity Crypter
  4. Agile .NET
  5. Akala Exe Lock
  6. Alloy
  7. .ANDpakk2 (apk2)
  8. aPACK
  9. Aplib
  10. ARM Protector v0.1 (EXE Shield )
  11. Armadillo
  12. armPROTECTOR
  13. Artan
  14. ASM Protecter
  15. Aspack
  16. Asprotect
  17. At4re Protector
  18. AVPack
  19. AXE

Letra B

  1. BeRoEXEPacker
  2. BJFNT
  3. BoxApp

Letra C

  1. Cactus MetaMorph
  2. CD-Cops (
  3. Cexe
  4. CliSecure
  5. CodeCrypt
  6. CodeWall
  7. COm2exe
  8. com2txt
  9. confuser
  10. copylock
  11. crunch
  12. crinkler
  13. cryptic
  14. Code ofuscator (oreans)

Letra D

  1. DBPe
  2. DEF
  3. defox
  4. diet
  5. dongle
  6. dotfix
  7. dyamar

Letra E

  1. Encryptor
  2. EncryptPE
  3. Enigma
  4. Ep Protector
  5. Epack
  6. Epprot
  7. Escargot
  8. escalibur
  9. exe evil
  10. exe password
  11. exe stealth
  12. exebundle
  13. Execyptor
  14. exefog
  15. exelite
  16. exeshield
  17. exestealth
  18. Expressor pe compresor

Letra F

  1. Fastpack
  3. foxlock
  4. fsg
  5. falconencrypter
  6. fatalz crypt
  7. filexpack

Letra G

  1. gentlemen crypter
  2. GHF Protector
  3. GIX
  4. GOAT

Letra H

  1. halv
  2. Hmimys
  3. huffcomp
  4. hyperion

Letra I

  2. ID Aplication Protector
  3. INNO
  4. Interlock
  5. Iprotect

Letra J

  1. Jdpack

Letra K

  4. Krypton

Letra L

  2. Larp [L]ena [A]nti [R]ipping [P]rotection
  4. LHA
  5. Lzexe
  6. LightiCrypter
  7. LZss

Letra M

  1. MARIO
  2. Martikexe( es un rip de mew, solo le cambio la gui)
  3. MEW
  4. Molebox
  5. Morphine
  6. Mpress
  7. MSLRH

Letra N

  1. NeoLite
  2. Net Spider
  3. Net Phoenix protector
  4. Net Spin protector
  5. NFO
  6. Noodle crypt
  7. Npack
  8. Nspack

Letra O

  1. Obfuscator (muchos)
  2. Obsidium
  3. Orien

Letra P

  1. PACK v2.01
  2. packman
  3. pcguard
  4. pc shrink
  5. pe dimisher
  6. pe armor
  7. pebundle
  8. Pecompact
  9. pecrypt
  10. pecrypto
  11. pedimisher
  12. pegoat
  13. pehide
  14. pelock
  15. pencrypt
  16. peninja
  17. PEP [P]rivate [E]xe [P]protector
  18. Pepack
  19. pepass
  20. pepatch
  21. pe protector
  22. peshield
  23. Pespin
  24. PEStealth
  25. Petite
  26. PEX
  27. Phrozen Crew PE enCrypter
  28. PkLite
  29. PKSmart
  30. Polypack
  31. Popcap (wrapper)
  32. powershield
  33. propack
  34. pseudo signer
  35. punisher
  36. Packer 32LITE

Letra Q

  1. Q

Letra R

  1. RDG PolyPack v1.1
  2. RDG Tejon Crypter
  3. RDG Pack
  4. REC
  5. REflexive (wrapper)
  6. regware
  7. rewolf
  8. rjcrush
  9. rlpack
  10. rucc386
  11. rpx
  12. Rar (rarlab)

Letra S

  3. Sagengine-Shielden
  4. SC
  5. SCB lab Crypt0r
  6. SD protector
  7. secupack
  8. securecode
  9. secureshade
  10. shrinker
  11. shrink
  12. signs imitator
  13. SLVC()DE
  14. small crypter
  15. smoke
  16. softlocx
  17. softsentry
  18. Starforce
  19. StoneCrypt
  20. SVKP
  21. SoftwareKey Protection Plus
  23. Software Compress
  24. Shadow Com Cryptor

Letra T

  1. TCEC
  2. Telock
  3. Thunstall
  5. Tpack
  6. Tron
  7. Themida (oreans
  8. TST Crypter
  9. Tugra crypter

Letra U

  1. UPX

Letra V

  1. VB Anticrack
  3. VBShrink
  4. VGCrypt
  5. Virogen PE Encryptor
  6. Visage (virtual protect)
  7. VMprotect
  8. Vprotect

Letra W

  1. WinKript 1.0
  2. Winupack
  3. Winlicense (oreans)
  4. WWPACK Mutator/WWpack32

Letra X

  2. Xenocode
  3. Xpack
  4. Xprotector (Xtreme protector)

Letra Y

  1. Yoda Protector/Crypter
  2. YST Crypter
  3. YZpack

Letra Z

  1. Zprotect
  2. Zipcode (.zip)
  3. zxprotector

Licencia: de pago

Ultima Web conocida:

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Important Notice

Starting on January 1, 2013, Software Passport terminated all sales for the Software Passport product lineup. Beginning on July 1, 2014, we will be removing the Software Passport website. In the near future, Software Passport will not be supported.

Thanks for your support of Software Passport over the years.

The Software Passport Team
The Silicon Realms Toolworks
SoftwarePassport and the Armadillo Engine
More information about what we do.
Current Version: v9.62
Release Date: 07.June.2013
SoftwarePassport allows you to create and add a complete software protection solution in five minutes or less. This solution includes sophisticated security features, a registration-key process for licensing, and proven built-in marketing techniques. It works with and wraps any programming language that produces a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows EXE, SCR, DLL, or OCX file. Although .NET applications are not directly supported, we have proven methods for working with .NET binaries.

We have been protecting software applications since 1998. Our development team has combined software protection development experience of more than 40 years. This knowledgeable and experienced development team is dedicated to protecting your software from piracy. Why have your development team waste time and effort trying to keep up with system hackers and software crackers when we’ll do that for them? Your development team should be focusing on new features and functionality to grow your business.

SoftwarePassport uses the proven Armadillo technology. This technology wraps your program in a proactive armored shell, defending your application from software pirates and program crackers. The Armadillo Engine contains state-of-the-art encryption, data compression and many other security features.

The Armadillo engine defends against a wide variety of attacks, including:

  • Memory dumping. This is one of the most challenging cracking methods to defend against, so Armadillo has a lot of options for it, as well as the standard defenses.
  • Viewing assembly language instructions, in both ring-three debuggers and the more powerful ring-zero debuggers.
  • “Patching” the program, on disk or in memory, to bypass time, usage, or feature limitations.
  • Disassembling the loader to find new ways to attack it.
  • Erasing stored information to bypass time or usage limitations.
  • Using a backup/restore program to bypass time or usage limitations.
  • Turning the system clock backwards, or setting it forwards to the far future, to bypass time limitations.
  • Using a “hook” to take over Windows API functions, to fool the program into doing something it shouldn’t (such as allowing access to features the user isn’t supposed to have access to).
  • Creating key generators to fool the program into thinking that it was purchased when it wasn’t.

And this is just a partial list of what viruses and hacks that Software Passport will protect your software products from. There are a number of other defenses as well. For a complete list please refer to the Security Features section of the Help file.

In addition to protecting your software, the engine offers very flexible licensing features. You can provide your customers with a single executable file that contains all of the features of your program, but only enable the ones that they’ve purchased. You can lock your program to a specific machine to prevent people from buying a single license and distributing it without proper authorization. You can license a certain number of instances of the program on a peer-to-peer or a client/server network.

Proven built-in marketing techniques include Subscription based usage, Try Before You Buy, Buy Before You Try, limited usage, multi-level usage and protection of paid programs. You can provide a fully functional program while disabling certain features (or the entire program) after a period of time or a number of uses, and re-enable them (after purchase, of course) using a software key. We provide key systems of varying lengths, from the very short (sixteen-character keys) to the ultimate in unforgivable strength (presently sixty characters in length, using Elliptic Curve Cryptography).

Every message that can be displayed to an end-user is completely customizable. You can easily alter individual message strings into multiple versions and group the individual versions into single or multiple sets of message string packages (files). These packages allow you to create a user interface that addresses your unique audience and software material.

SoftwarePassport, and the Armadillo engine behind it, provides a robust protection and licensing system for your windows software application. We provide a full functioning free trial version, so download it today and see how it works. We know we can meet the needs of your business.


para desempacar es necesario encontrar el oep, hay variedad de opciones ,dado que dejaron de dar soporte desde el año 2013, no es usado por falta de soporte.

Este programa posee muchísima historia desde los dos puntos de mirada
desde el unpacking y desde el keygening La última version conocida es la 9.64  version retail y version pública. permite proteger programas hechos en 32 y 64 bytes


Licencia: de pago



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  • En informática, un compresor digital es un programa informático empleado para reducir el tamaño de un fichero y/o ejecutable.

What is ASPack?

ASPackASPack is an advanced Win32 executable file compressor, capable to reduce a file size of 32-bit Windows programs by as much as 70%. (ASPack’s compression ratio improves upon the industry-standard zip file format by as much as 10-20%.) ASPack makes programs and libraries smaller that decreases load times across networks; it also protects programs against reverse engineering. Programs compressed with ASPack are self-contained and run exactly as before, with no runtime performance penalties.

ASPack Features

  • advanced processing of executable files (EXE, DLL, OCX)
  • encoding and compression of program code, data, and resources
  • completely transparent, self-contained operation with long filename support
  • fast decompression routines deliver better performance than competing products
  • integrates directly into Windows as a shell extension for ease of use
  • full Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 compatibility.

ASPack Benefits

  • significant reduction in executable file sizes, averaging from 40-70%
  • decrease load times across networks, and download times from the internet
  • embedded Windows applications require significantly less storage space
  • protects resources and code against peeking, disassemblers and decompilers
  • no runtime royalties for distributing compressed programs
  • compatible with executables created by Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Inprise (Borland) Delphi and C++ Builder, and other Win32 compilers

Comentarios: para desempacar pushad /popad, push oep, ret

Programa: Asprotect 32 bytes

Licencia: de pago


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What is ASProtect 32 (SKE)?

ASProtect 32ASProtect is designed for software protection of 32-bit applications, targeted for software developers. It provides quick implementation of application protection functions such as working with registration keys and creation of evaluation and trial application versions.

ASProtect Features

  • compression of the application
  • encryption of the application
  • counteraction to dumping application memory using tools like ProcDump
  • application integrity check
  • counteraction to debuggers and disassemblers
  • counteraction to memory patching
  • API for interaction between application and protection routines
  • creation and verification of registration keys using public keys encryption algorithms
  • keeping of the database and checkup of “stolen” (illegal) registration keys
  • possibility to create evaluation (trial) versions, that limit application functions based on evaluation time and the number of runs left
  • expose nag-screens
  • generating of registration keys, based on the specific computer system.
  • full Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 compatibility.

ASProtect Benefits

  1. Powerful algorithm with up to 15 modes. The protected application can be used in different modes, e.g.:
    • trial (30 day, activated with a key only)
    • registered mode1 (Basic Edition)
    • registered mode2 (Corporate Edition)

    Every mode can be unlocked with a special registration key or (and) a password. Every mode unlocks specified encryption sections.

  2. Short registration keysExample:Name: John Smith (
    Registration Key: BCGKUY-QFGEP-CQ2YP-QYYAT-6X4FK-B87X4
  3. ASProtect allows you to work with API as with normal imported functions via aspr_ide.dll.
  4. ASProtect allows you to debug ASProtect API in run-time via aspr_ide.dll.
  5. A large selection of binding objects: your application can be bound to network cards, BIOS information, central processor, operation system, hard drive parameters, S.M.A.R.T. information, etc.
Comentarios: para desempacar es necesario encontrar el oep,restaurar stolen bytes, reparar la iat, reparar direcciones que pueden que no esten almacenadas, hay versiones que están encriptadas el cual requiere una clave para desencriptar, hay crc check y sobre todo destrucción de codigo importante en sdk.

Programa: Asprotect 64 bytes

Licencia: de pago



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What is ASProtect 64?

ASProtect 64It is designed for protection of 64-bit applications against copying, analysis and cracking of software products that are distributed via internet or any physical media. Distinctive feature of the new product is support of 64-bit applications and .NET applications protection for Windows only. Moreover, ASProtect 64 is based on absolutely new protection engine never used by ASPack Software before.

ASProtect 64 features

  • Protection of application that was compiled in PE-file and contains executive machine code (native code) of x64 processor (extension of such files is “exe” or “dll”)
  • Protection of application that was compiled in executive .NET-file (managed code) is possible.
  • Protection of application code from analysis and cracking
  • Encryption of application source code
  • Application integrity check
  • Counteraction to debuggers and disassemblers
  • Counteraction to application memory patching
  • API for interaction between the software and protection procedures
  • Creation and verification of registration keys using public keys encryption algorithms
  • Generation of the registration keys based on the specific computer system
  • Possibility to create evaluation (trial) versions that limit the application functionality based on evaluation time, number of runs left and total application running time
  • Displaying nag screens, reminding about period of validity expiration
  • Demo-mode is supported separately through restriction of protected application functionality
  • Availability of built-in and modifiable GUI from protection system for processing of protected application activation process.
  • Full Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 64 bit and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 64 bit compatibility.
  • Protection from launch of protected applications under virtual machines.
Comentarios: para desempacar es necesario encontrar el oep,restaurar stolen bytes, reparar la iat, reparar direcciones que pueden que no esten almacenadas, hay versiones que están encriptadas el cual requiere una clave para desencriptar, hay crc check y sobre todo destrucción de codigo importante en sdk.

Programa: Starforce

Licencia: de pago


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StarForce Products

Content copy protection

StarForce Content

StarForce Content

Reliable documents security (PDF, XLS/XLSX, DOC/DOCX, RTF, PPT/PPTX, HTML, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF files) and distribution control system

  • The protection of documents against unauthorised access and distribution
  • Protection against print screen functions and screen grabbers
  • Documents printing control
  • Statistics for documents usage and sales
  • Various software licensing models
  • Distribution via the internet and on any physical media
StarForce Audio/Video

StarForce Audio/Video

Reliable protection for audio/video files and distribution control systems

  • Protection for video files avi, mpg, wmv, mp4 etc.
  • Protection for audio files mp3, ogg, wma etc.
  • Statistics for media files usage and sales
  • Various licensing models
  • Distribution via the internet and on any physical media

Corporate information protection

StarForce E-m@il Enterprise

StarForce E-m@il Enterprise

E-mail messages and attachments security

  • Enables E-mail message and attachement security by a single button
  • Highest protection against crack
  • Attachment usage statistic
  • Compatible with all popular corporate e-mail systems
StarForce Content Enterprise

StarForce Content Enterprise

Reliable protection of confidential documents against unauthorized access and copying outside and inside the perimeter of a company’s information system

  • High level of tamper resistance
  • Flexible solution, fully adapted to the customer’s business processes
  • Support of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Document tracking in real time
  • The possibility of integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and business intelligence systems

Software and game protection from copying

StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive

High-tech source code protection and distribution control system

  • Application source code protection against analysis and cracking
  • Various software licensing models
  • Statistics for software usage and sales
  • The limitation of application functions depending on the type of license
  • Distribution via the internet and on any physical media
StarForce Disc

StarForce Disc

Robust protection for software and content distributed on optical media

  • Optical disc protection against copying and illegal distribution
  • Protection against professional and casual copying and emulation
  • Application functions limitation depending on a disc key parameters
  • Certified replication plants worldwide
StarForce Universal

StarForce Universal

Protection for software distributed either on discs or via the internet as well as distribution control systems

  • Application source code protection against analysis and cracking
  • Online and offline – single distribution
  • Combined StarForce Disc and StarForce ProActive features
StarForce Android Protection

StarForce Android Protection (beta)

Professional solution to protect Android applications against analysis, hacking, illegal distribution and use. The solution includes a DRM system, which allows to control distribution and collect activation statistics

  • High-tech application code protection
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Protection against Lucky Patcher
  • Protection against emulation of in-app purchasing

MMOG protection

StarForce MMOG

StarForce MMOG

Innovative protection for online games against bots, hacks and cheats

  • Protection of the game’s source code against analysis and cracking
  • Protection against hooking of system functions
  • Traffic protection between a server and a client
  • Protection against game server replacement

Protection for business applications

StarForce ProActive for Business

StarForce ProActive for Business

Comprehensive protection for business software source code and distribution control system

  • Application source code protection against analysis and cracking
  • Various licensing models
  • Ability to use own GUI
  • Statistics for software usage and sales
  • Activate different application features based on serial number parameters
  • Distribution via the internet and on any physical media
StarForce ProActive for Traders

StarForce ProActive for Traders

Professional protection for MetaTrader system from analysis and modification

  • Protection for MetaTrader scripts source code
  • Limitation of access to protected scripts as result of its linking with PC parameters or bank account
  • Protected scripts usage and distribution control
  • Different ways to authorization: linking to your PC, bank account or without linking

Software protection against reverse engineering

StarForce C++ Obfuscator

StarForce C++ Obfuscator

C and C++ source code protection against analysis and reverse engineering

  • Obfuscation both the source code and the binary code
  • Support of all popular operation systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Protection of firmware
  • Measurable level of effectiveness
StarForce Crypto

StarForce Crypto

Hack-proof protection for an application’s machine code against analysis, reverse-engineering and cracking

  • Obfuscation of a program’s algorithms against analysis and cracking
  • Ultimate compatibility of protected applications
  • Adjustable code protection level
  • Easy protection implementation

Comentarios: un protector bastante robusto, basado en asprotect, por un lado posee la gran protección en la iat y por otro un driver que permite evitar que uno desproteja tan facil.

Programa: PESPIN



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PESpin is a Windows executable files (EXE, DLL) protector, compressor coded in pure assembly using MASM. It allows compression of the whole executable – code, data and resources, leaving them executable and protects against patching and disassembling.

Compatibility with Windows® XP/Vista/7







Comentarios: es un programa con gran variedad de opciones.

Programa: Pecompact
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PECompact – Windows (PE) Executable Compressor

PECompact Logo
Powerful executable compression for software developers and vendors
PECompact is available in English, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Italian, Slovenian, and Polish!

Trial Limitations

NOTICE: To deter abuse, we have not included many plug-ins and some utilities in the trial version. If you need to try one out that is not included, email us and we’ll set you up. We do require verification that you are a legitimate software publisher and/or developer.


  • First rate compression
    Almost always compresses better than RAR, ZIP, and other archivers because it is targetted towards PEs and uses advanced code pre-processing
  • Interoperability
    Security products support PECompact, meaning your EXE contents can be scanned – necessary to avoid aiding the bad guys while keeping false positive rates near zero. We screen ALL our customers of PECompact these days, out of necessity. Use of PECompact on high profile applications like Google Desktops (and hundreds of others) helps ensure the security companies maintain good interoperability.
  • Extensible
    Wow have we got a list of plug-ins for you! You can even create your own plug-ins, or your whole alternate loader with our Loader SDK (purchase separately)
  • Full Windows support across the board, from Windows 95 to Windows 10. We’ve kept up with Windows. All the latest features are supported in our compressor.
  • Full DEP support
    Not only do we offer full DEP support by default, but we even have a loader that takes that one step further and doesn’t execute from any page not marked executable (DEP only checks if page is executable).
  • Overlay emulation
    Our unique overlay emulation allows for compression of installers, SFX, and other type PE EXEs that can not normally be compressed.
  • Settings
    Compress is YOUR way! We’ve got more settings than you’ll likely ever need.


Note that all are NOT included with the trial version, and some (two) require additional purchase.

Alternate Loaders

  • pec2ldr_anti_debug.dll
    Anti-debug loader (basic debugger presence checks)
  • pec2ldr_ead.dll
    Sold separately – anti-debugging/anti-reverse engineering technology
  • pec2ldr_debug.dll
    Alternate loader used for easier debugging (no SEH traps)
    Reduced size loader, for the truly size obsessed

API Hook Plug-ins

  • pec2hooks_api_fix_extradata.dll
    Emulate extra-data at its original physical offset, allowing compression of installer type EXEs that otherwise couldn’t be compressed. PECompact automatically uses this if an overlay is present or as the /Emo switch specifies.
    Provides an API based callback to determine if the module is still compressed or not.
  • pec2hooks_api_watermark.dll
    Provides an API based callback to retrieve a watermark placed by PEWatermark.
  • pec2hooks_break_un2pec.dll
    Breaks a known PECompact unpacker. Simply include this
  • pec2hooks_fastimport.dll
    Custom GetProcAddress implementation using binary search through target import table.

CODEC Plug-ins

  • pec2codec_jcalg1.dll
    JCALG1 compression algorithm for slow compression, good performance, and fast decompression.
  • pec2codec_aplib.dll
    aPLib compression algorithm for faster compression, good performance, and fast decompression.
  • pec2codec_ffce.dll
    FFCE compression algorithm for faster compression, good performance, and fast decompression.
  • pec2codec_lzma2.dll
    LZMA2 compression algorithm for faster compression, good performance, and fast decompression.
  • pec2codec_crc32.dll
    Do a CRC32 check on the data (store with data on encoding, check on decoding)
  • pec2codec_password.dll
    Put a password on the EXE, and encrypt the data based on that password
  • pec2codec_expand.dll
    Expand the data instead of shrink it (for robustness testing)
  • pec2codec_cipher1[-4].dll
    Four different simple XOR/ADD/SUB based ciphers.
  • and more…There are many more plug-ins, both third-party and developed by Bitsum.
Comentarios: es un compresor y con opción de agregar diferentes tipos de algoritmos, en general comienza pushad/popad y luego hace saltos indirectos hacia el oep.

Programa: UPX

Licencia: Gratuito


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UPX es un compresor de ejecutables gratuito, portable y de alto rendimiento. UPX soporta diferentes formatos de ejecutables, incluyendo programas de Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA y DLLs, programas de DOS, Linux, etc.


  • En informática, un compresor digital es un programa informático empleado para reducir el tamaño de un fichero y/o ejecutable.
Comentarios: pushad , popad,   (jmp oep) o  (push oep, ret)

Protección : DONGLE
Web: foro el hacker
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En informática, una mochila, llave, candado o seguro electrónico (dongle en inglés) es un pequeño dispositivo de hardware que se puede integrar a un programa y se conecta a un ordenador, normalmente, para autenticar un fragmento de software. Cuando la llave electrónica no está conectada, dicho software se ejecuta en un modo restringido o directamente no se ejecuta. Las llaves electrónicas son usadas por algunos fabricantes de software como forma de prevención de copias o gestión de derechos digitales pues es mucho más difícil copiar estas que el software que está instalado. Generalmente las llaves electrónicas se conectan por USB o puerto paralelo.

Este tipo de dispositivos son usados frecuentemente en programas muy costosos y en software de nicho, como aplicaciones de sistema de seguridad para evitar el robo de equipos electrónicos.

En algunos casos la llave electrónica está codificada con una clave de licencia específica, que determina qué características estarán habilitadas en el programa. Esta es una forma de licenciamiento muy controlado ya que permite al proveedor que su cliente tenga protegido su equipo electrónico.

Estas incluyen un cifrado fuerte integrado y usan técnicas de fabricación que impidan la ingeniería inversa. Además contienen memoria no volátil, donde pueden guardarse y ejecutarse partes claves de la aplicación protegida; y evitar que sea localizado por Detectores de frecuencia(rf), que ejecutan instrucciones de señales y que pueden ser introducidas sólo de forma cifrada.
a la fecha existen tutoriales asociados a este tema:

y una buena pagina para reversar dongles.

Programa : Acprotect
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desde el año 2009
ACProtect will not update any more, Old Customer will get free technical support for a year since the purchase date. Thx for your attention.

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desde el año 2004 el sitio chino compartió su packer y protector, dado que la web fue comprada por una compañia de juegos, no volvió a ver luz, es un buen compresor a pesar de todo:
se puede descargar de

Mostrar información

desde el año 2001 el sitio compartio su packer demo en version 1.2 y 1.1:
se puede descargar de

Frase Aleatoria : El más irreprochable de los vicios es hacer el mal por necedad. Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867); poeta y crítico francés .

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